Dear valuable customer,

As Multivariate Software continues to focus on developing new products, solutions and flexible licensing options, we have decided to discontinue EQS permanent license and EQSIRT permanent license.


EQS and EQSIRT will be available through subscription licensing only.


Subscribers will get several advantages. The cost is lower and all new features and upgrades will be available to subscribers. The updates will include online services and free e-learning material. Given that shift, subscription will become the new normal from March 2023 onwards. At that point the perpetual licenses will no longer be available. Therefore, EQS and EQSIRT perpetual users should purchase the new license subscription. We will be offering a migration price until April 30. After that date the migration price of an annual susbcription will be the same as a new subscription.


We also want to share that our founders, Peter Bentler and Eric Wu, have decided to retire! They have left a deep impression in the community and their legacy will be carried out by the new administration.


We are happy to share with you that EQS 7 is going to be released soon.


All these licensing changes will fuel new research and development to keep EQS as the leading software of structural equations modeling.


Any doubt feel free to ask with a mail to support@mvsoft.com or sales@mvsoft.com