Multivariate Software, Inc.

About Us

Multivariate Software, Inc. was founded on 1996 by Dr. Peter M. Bentler and Eric Wu with the purpose of providing researchers with the most accurate known statistics for analysis on data that may not be multivariate normally distributed.

EQS provides researchers and statisticians with a simple method for conducting the full range of structural equations models including multiple regression, multivariate regression, confirmatory factor analysis, structured means analysis, path analysis, and multiple population comparisons. Users agree that EQS is more complete and much easier to use than other products such as LISREL. With EQS, no knowledge of matrix algebra is required!

2020 Multivariate Software, Inc. was bought by a company named Multivariate Software, S.A.P.I. de C.V.

Our Founders

Dr. Peter M. Bentler is an American psychologist, statistician, and distinguished professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. One of the leading personalities in multivariate analysis and psychometrics, Dr. Bentler is the developer of the structural equation modeling software EQS. Dr. Bentler received a doctorate in clinical psychology from Stanford University in 1964. His publications have over 190,000 citations as of 2017. In 2014, he was awarded the Psychometric Society Career Award. In 2015, he was elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association. 

Eric Wu is a programmer and statistician and the programmer of EQS. He has been providing customer support and technical support also for several years with kind, respect and the best service attitude.


The purpose of EQS is serving thousands of researchers in psychology, education, economics, market research, sociology, and other fields utilizing structural equations modeling techniques.


Becoming the number one tool providing researchers with coordinated algebraic as well as graphical views of their data.


Innovation: Providing new methods and tools to make the analysis easier for researchers.

Service Attitude: Developing a long-term friendship with customers, anticipating their needs and providing a great level of support for them.

Commitment: We compromise with our customers to offer the best solution for multivariate analysis.