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EQS 6.2 for Linux (Build 105) [installation file] (2013 version, 11/12/2013) [Setup Doc]

EQS 6.3 for Linux (Build 116) [installation file] (2016 version, 11/29/2016) [Setup Doc]

EQS 6.4 for Linux (Build 120) [installation file] (2020 version, 04/13/2020) [Setup Doc]


EQS 6.2 for Mac/Unix (Build 105) [installation file] (2013 version, 11/14/2013) [Setup Doc]

EQS 6.3 for Mac/Unix (Build 115) [installation file] (2016 version, 08/24/2016) [Setup Doc]

EQS 6.4 for Mac/Unix (Build 117) [installation file] (2018 version, 05/27/2018) [Setup Doc]

EQS 6.4 for Mac/Unix (Build 120) [installation file] (2020 version, 05/23/2020) [Setup Doc]


EQS 6.1 for Windows (Build 97A) [zip file] (2012 version)

EQS 6.2 for Windows (Build 101) [zip file] (2012 version)

EQS 6.2 for Windows (Build 105) [zip file] (2013 version, 08/06/2013)

EQS 6.2 for Windows (Build 107) [zip file] (2014 version, 08/25/2014)

EQS 6.3 for Windows (Build 110) [exe file] (2015 version, 08/20/2015)

EQS 6.3 for Windows (Build 112) [exe file] (2015 version, 11/03/2015)

EQS 6.3 for Windows (Build 113) [exe file] (2016 version, 12/18/2015)

EQS 6.3 for Windows (Build 114) [exe file] (2016 version, 03/27/2016)

EQS 6.3 for Windows (Build 115) [exe file] (2016 version, 08/23/2016)

EQS 6.3 for Windows (Build 116) [exe file] (2016 version, 11/29/2016)

EQS 6.4 for Windows (Build 117) [exe file] (2019 version, 03/19/2019)

EQS 6.4 for Windows (Build 118) [exe file] (2019 version, 05/23/2019)

EQS 6.4 for Windows (Build 120) [exe file] (2020 version, 05/23/202

EQS 6.4 Build 117 Beta version implements 1) Bootstrapping the model to obtain standard errors and parameter test statistic for the parameters in standardized solutions.  2) Arruda-Bebtler Regularized GLS test. and 3) Jalal-Bentler Monte Carlo Test.  The download file bears the name of SetupEQS64.exe

EQS 6.3 Build 115 implements 1) robust information matrix for LMTEST when METHOD=ML,ROBUST is used.  2) implements Savalei & Falk (2014) Two-Stage approach with incomplete non-normal data.  The command is MISSING=TS,ROBUST;  The download file bears the name of SetupEQS63D.exe

EQS 6.3 Build 114 fixes standard error problems in multisample analysis robust estimation.  The download file bears the name of SetupEQS63C.exe

EQS 6.3 Add Exploratory Factor Analysis in its command user interface under EFA menu.  A new addition of Parallel Analysis for factor retention is included in the EFA function.  This version also include AIC and BIC based on log likelihood (raw data input ins required).  It is currently a trial version only.  The EQS 6.3 is independent from EQS 6.1 and EQS 6.2.  Its installation will not affect previous versions.  Any users who has a valid EQS license number can download and install this version.

EQS 6.2 Build 107 fixes a bug on Diagrammer.  When you create a model with Diagrammer and choose AGLS as estimation method.  There is an error passing the outcome to the Diagrammer.  This problem has been fixed.  This is the only change in the program.  If you have categorical variable and any category is less then 4% of the sample, the previous build will stop the program.  Current implementation allows you to proceed but a warning message is printed.

EQS 6.2 Build 105 fixes a bug on reading ETS file.  For those who running simulation should download this version for ETS file is essential for secondary analysis of simulation outcome.

For those who downloaded EQS 6.2 Build 104 prior to May 16, 2013, please install EQS 6.2 again.  There is an error in combining categorical and continuous variables.  It is fixed.

Works with all Windows Operating Systems.  Electronic versions of the User’s Guide and a partial draft of the Program Manual are available in the help files.  Build 86 uses a new way to export EQS output to Diagrammer.  It makes EQS model more readable.  You could also download a QuickStart, a PDF document provides a brief view of EQS.

Please contact Multivariate Software to obtain download instructions.