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EQSIRT 1.0 for Mac OS X (11-24-2014) (Build 37.11)  – Installation Procedures

EQSIRT 1.0 for Windows (02-06-2014) (Build 37.07)

EQSIRT 1.0 for Linux (09-25-2013) (Build 37.04) – Installation Procedures

·         Build 37.04 fixes some problems on complex equality constriaints.

·         Previous version of EQSIRT relies on its working folder (i.e. c:\eqsirt\examples) to store data, model, and output files.  It may be confusing or user may have difficultiy locating output files if the data and models file are stored else where.  The operating procedure has been modified to be consistant with traditional user experiences. All the model and output files are now stored with the same folder as the data file.