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Frequently Asked Questions

Unidentified Developer in Mac Installation?

When you encounter the message  “SetupEQSIRTMac.pkg” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”, it is blocked by the security feature of the Mountain Lion in Mac OS X.  Please see the attached document for solutions.

Data and Models Supported by EQS

EQS will run just about any data.  Please send specific data questions about particular models  to

Why does EQS not launch?

There is one additional step to make EQS compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.  First of all, you must have admin privilege to run EQS on your Windows although you don’t need to login to the administrator’s account.  Here is the procedure

1.  Right click on EQS 6.4 for Windows icon on your desktop.

2. Choose Properties from the pull down menu bar.

3.  Click on Compatibility tab and check on “Run this program as an administrator” at the bottom.

4.  Click the OK button to activate the change.

Hardware and Software Requirements


EQS Help doesn’t work in Windows Vista

License Number

Your license number can be found in the program.  Go to help -> about EQS for Windows.  The serial number at the bottom of the box is your license number.  If you have difficulty finding it, please send us an email asking for your license number.

Ordering Instructions

EQS software can be ordered by any of the following methods:

·  PURCHASE ORDER – Email an order to

·  ONLINE ORDER – Visit Multivariate Software Online store to order EQS products.

·  EQS ORDER FORMS – Download EQS order forms.

Mainframe Licenses for EQS

EQS software can be installed on a LINUX operating systems running on Intel processor.  Items come with a LINUX license include a text-based EQS program and program manual in PDF format.


Network License for EQS

EQS can be installed on Windows NT or Novell networks, or any other comparable network.  However EQS is licensed to the USER, not the terminal and may only beused by the licensed user at the licensed site.  A network or multi-user license is necessary for installation of EQS on a network.  Please contact Multivariate Software for more details.

EQS for computer lab license includes EQS software, one (1) EQS program manual and one (1) EQS user’s guide. Additional program manuals and user’s guides are available for purchase.

Includes free updates within version 6. Does not include upgrade to next major version.

Valid renewable license receives free upgrades to all new software versions.  Requires annual renewal.

SPSS File Import Capability

EQS for Windows version 5.6 and higher imports SPSS files directly.

Operating System Migration

Licensed EQS users can migrate to a different operating system.
Click here for prices and details

Bibliographical Citation

EQS 6 for Windows User’s Guide                                                        Multivariate Software, Inc. book by Peter M. Bentler & Eric J.C. Wu (2002)

EQS 6 STRUCTURAL EQUATIONS PROGRAM MANUAL                        Multivariate Software, Inc. book by Peter M. Bentler (2000-2008)

Purchase Orders

Educational institution purchase orders may be emailed to or

Sample Size Limitations

The sample size restriction in EQS for Windows 5.7b is about 8000 cases when using EQS data reader (*.ess format).  However, there is no limit when reading the raw data directly to EQS input statement.  There is no real limit with EQS for Windows 6.0 either in ess or raw data format.

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